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[S4E3] Trouble Urinating


Meanwhile, George horrifies his girlfriend's mother, Lindsay (played by Jessica Hecht), when he downs a partially eaten chocolate éclair from the trash. Later, he makes matters worse by entering her party shirtless. Elsewhere, Kramer passes a kidney stone, and a 3D painting causes Elaine trouble with Mr. Pitt.

Another episode in the location-based tradition, "The Parking Space" finds Jerry and the gang lost in a mall parking garage. While trying to remember where they parked, Jerry gets caught publicly urinating, and Elaine's goldfish dies. At the end of the episode, they finally find the car, only to discover that the engine won't start.

After chasing the dog to the second floor of the church, Erin sees the dog urinating directly above the statue. Mistaking the urine dripping through a hole in the ceiling and down the statue's cheek as tears, the rest of the group decides to tell Sister Michael of what they saw in the hope of being excused from their exams. While Erin intends on telling the others that what they actually saw was urine, not tears, she ultimately does not after handsome young priest Father Peter becomes interested in their story. When Peter suggests that Toto had been resurrected to lead Erin to the church, he suggests that they dig up his grave in the back garden of Erin and Orla's house.

At the beach, Monica and Chandler are still debating why he should be her boyfriend, when she gets stung by a jellyfish. Joey remembers a documentary from the Discovery channel that suggested urinating on a jellyfish sting to make the pain go away. He "steps up" to help her, but gets stage fright and cannot go through with it, so Chandler is forced to do it instead. The three are traumatized by this event and though initially unwilling to admit to the their curious friends what the matter with them is, eventually give into the group's pressure when they ask what happened and confess.

King Ælle arrives in Wessex, his mind heavy with the issue of Mercia. While at dinner, Ælle notices something is amiss as Æthelwulf cozies up to the deposed Queen Kwenthrith while Judith giggles with Ecbert. The problem of Mercia continues to trouble Ælle, Ecbert, and Æthelwulf. Naturally, Æthelwulf sides with Kwenthrith who still wants to rule over Mercia. Ecbert agrees and decides to march with an army to Mercia. When Ecbert returns, having killed the ruling council members, Kwenthrith believes she is to return home and rule. She is also excited to announce her pregnancy by Æthelwulf. Unfortunately, her happiness is short-lived: before killing the councilmen, Ecbert has them sign documents proclaiming himself as king.

What drug is Ragnar on with Yidu, Vikings season 4's most mysterious character Based on Yidu's drug having a strong psychedelic effect, the variety of plants that Yidu cuts and grinds onscreen, and Yidu's background, there's really no single and straightforward answer to this question. Ragnar and Yidu ended up becoming lovers after he semi-freed her, and she gave him a drug to alleviate the painful effects of Ragnar's illness after the Siege of Paris, believed by viewers to have been kidney damage due to the symptoms he was having (discomfort in the abdomen, nausea, and urinating blood). The drug's pain-alleviating and hallucinogenic effects have led viewers to conclude that it was opium. 59ce067264


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