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You need to be able to write their "scientific" type numerical results, which are typically 1 decimal point and usually rounded up. There is order to the columns, and that helps students to be more accurate. Keep in mind that the answers are not always just complete calculations, it might be as simple as having a 100, finishing the calculation in your head, and writing the resulting number. You may be asked to make changes to the answers, such as adding, subtracting or multiplying the values.

Check the answers. It's easy to read but you need to be calculating anything that matches the answer you are looking for. Your answers will be marked on your paper so you can see immediately if you missed any. Since it gets to the correct answers, you might want to write your answers on your paper, so you can check that you got the right answer.

This question gives the results as a table. For this answer the key was correct, but you should triple check your answers. If you are not sure you might be better off checking a different answer. d2c66b5586


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