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Pole Princess!! Episode 1 LINK

Pole Princess!! is centered around 17-year-old Hinano Hoshikita who comes across the sport of pole dancing by chance and embraces it. The project is a coming-of-age story about the efforts and growth of girls whose lives are changed when they encounter pole dancing.

Pole Princess!! Episode 1

Hitomi Ezoe (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure episode director) directs the anime project at Tatsunoko Production with the anime studio and avex pictures coming up with the original concept. Touko Machida (Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan) writes the scripts and Yoshihiro Otobe (Tiger & Bunny) is the CG director.

In the eight episode series, the marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York effectively ends the Wars of the Roses by uniting the houses of Lancaster and York. However, their mutual enmity and distrust, as well as the political plots of their mothers, threaten to tear both the marriage and the kingdom apart.

However, in October 2013, The Telegraph reported that Starz was planning to develop a sequel miniseries called The White Princess, based on Gregory's novel.[15] Starz CEO Chris Albrecht announced in January 2014 that the network was working with White Queen screenwriter Emma Frost on the project.[16] Starz would produce the White Princess miniseries without involvement from the BBC.[16] Gregory confirmed that the project was underway in August 2015.[17] On 7 February 2016, Gregory announced on Facebook that the sequel was officially confirmed to be in production, with the scripts being written.[18] The series was confirmed to be eight episodes in May 2016.[19][20]

Jamie Payne, who directed three episodes of The White Queen, directed episodes 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8. Frost was the showrunner and executive producer. Lachlan MacKinnon is served as producer, with Gregory as executive producer. Playground's Colin Callender and Scott Huff also executive produced with Company Pictures' Michele Buck.[21]

I agree about the general "look" of the first episode. It did not have the "sumptuous" look of the earlier series, or "The Tudors" for that matter. I was not as impressed as I had hoped to be. I loved "Wolf Hall" so much for it's lack of light for the nighttime interior scenes, which is very accurate to the time. They did get the fact that Spain is generally sunnier than England for those who are not remembering where she came from and where she would live now. They did portray the fact that Arthur was probably a slight, sickly boy compared to the hardier, more out-going Henry. Like any movie/portrayal, they exaggerate the fact to make it evident.The kiss between Elizabeth and Katherine spoiled the whole episode for me! How "weird" was that!! Not at all "in love" with the first episode. Looking forward to the rest to be better!

Yes, I hope as the series goes on and Catherine gets more comfortable in England, the 'sumptuousness' of the English court returns. So far, they certainly are doing a good job of making us feel uncomfortable in each scene (as Catherine does), so in a way it is skillful - just not wholly enjoyable. I'm definitely left with mixed feelings, but intrigued for next week's episode!Thanks for reading the post and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it very much.

I did watch it. I was cautiously excited because I'd seen the trailers and was thinking it was not going to go exactly historically accurate but I liked it. I'm willing to give it a few more episodes to fully capture my attention. Although, Stafford, Prince Harry, and Oveado (sp?) already have my full attention. When I first saw Prince Harry, I immediately thought of our current Prince Harry. Coincidence?Oh, btw, her ladies in waiting are Lina and Rosa. I love them already! :-)

Absolutely agree. I do see the resemblance between this Prince Harry and the modern one! So far, I'm liking him. ;) Not terribly impressed with much of the acting at this point, but I never fully judge on a first episode - I give it two or three. We'll see! I'm anxious for Sunday's episode, and hope I'm sucked in!Thanks so much for reading my review and sharing your thoughts!

This episode reminds me more of carnival.I assume that next are coming some American Indians, Chinese and what ever to make the whole scenery even more colourfull, not to forget the always drinking stupid german knights.The chains on poor Lina are looking very rough, more like a work by amateurs.To include different characters from different parts of the world and society are a good idea, but not if it just results in an assembly of cliches.No surprise: I have to see it to believe it. ;-)

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Upon arriving at the Northern Water Tribe, Sokka was smitten with Yue, taken by her beauty at first sight. He first engaged in conversation with the young princess during the joint celebration of the Avatar Aang's arrival and her sixteenth birthday, in which she was seated along with her father and Master Pakku.[2]

The queen and king of England may have been glad to see Catherine Of Aragon arrive, but others didn't feel the same. Why doesn't Maggie Pole like Catherine in The Spanish Princess? Prince Arthur's aunt does not care for her nephew's new wife for an understandable reason. The queen sort of explained this to Catherine in the premiere episode of The Spanish Princess. It turns out that Catherine's mother would not let her come to marry Arthur until all other claims to the throne were eradicated.

Viserys is a man who wishes to be loved, and who is generous in shows of affection. It is perhaps his greatest weakness. One of the major threads in this first episode that will carry on well beyond the premiere, is the relationship between Viserys and his younger brother, Daemon (Matt Smith) who is heir apparent when this story begins.

Daemon, who asked for the favor of Alicent Hightower (Emily Carey) very nearly bests Cole, but Cole emerges victorious in the 11th hour, victor of the entire tournament. Cole had asked the princess Rhaenyra for her favor in the fight, and despite her clear affection for her uncle, Rhaenyra is pleased with the outcome.

Follow me on this blog for all my TV recaps and reviews including every episode of House of the Dragon and the upcoming Rings of Power. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook or subscribe to my diabolical newsletter on Substack and my very own YouTube channel.

In partnership with the Glacier Bay National Park Rangers and the Discovery Channel, kids and teens can explore their adventurous side with activities such as our Jr. Ranger Program, totem pole decorating and the Deadliest Catch Crab Sort Challenge for the ultimate Alaska cruise experience.

In both depictions, the weapon is a pole that can change size when the user wills it; however, the original Wukong/Goku's cudgel is coated with a black iron known as "crow iron", and thus is extremely heavy with its weight being over 8.5 metric tons, as well as having gold rims as per its full name unlike the Dragon Ball adaptation of the staff; it is because of this weight that Wukong/Goku could easily wield this staff without breaking it, as he did with other standard weapons beforehand on pure accident.

Starting with Dragon Ball however, many popular depictions of the pole give it a red-colored base while keeping its gold rims (though the red base is predated in adaptations such as children's books and/or Wan Brothers' Havoc in Heaven animated film).

The Power Pole is first seen in Chapter 1 of the Dragon Ball manga and is used to inspect Bulma and her capsule vehicles. Goku stated that it was given to him by his deceased grandfather, Gohan. Korin mentioned in the episode "Lost and Found" that he had given the Pole to Master Roshi when he had climbed Korin Tower, on his request. Korin did not think anyone else would be qualified to use the weapon; though restrictions to wield the pole are unknown. Master Roshi likely gave it to Grandpa Gohan before it was handed down to his adopted grandson Goku.

The purpose of the Power Pole is to climb from Korin Tower to The Lookout above the clouds. As seen in the chapter "Carrot Top" and the episode "Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch", the Power Pole is capable of extending to the moon if its user wills it. More precisely, if the distance between Earth and the Moon in Dragon Ball is meant to reflect the same distance in reality, this means the Power Pole is capable of extending outward for at least 363,300 km (225,744 miles), or roughly 28 times the diameter of the Earth. However, in the episode "A Wish to the Eternal Dragon", it failed to help Goku, Bulma and Yamcha to escape from Pilaf castle through a window at the top. This can be justified by the fact that Goku was hungry and was unable to concentrate. It is a powerful weapon, and can never break; it can easily break a sword (as shown when it broke Ninja Murasaki's sword, and Tao's Sword in half). Goku also uses it during his final confrontation against King Piccolo, and later in order to get to Kami's Lookout. It can also be utilized by the user without him actually having to touch it, as evidenced by how Goku managed to catch the young thief who stole most of his gear during the Red Ribbon Army Saga and retrieve everything besides the Dragon Radar (due to the thief selling it to a pawn shop earlier).

When Goku shows up for the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, he is also carrying the Power Pole. After the 23rd tournament, Goku uses the pole to fight Annin in the final episode of Dragon Ball. While Goku was training with King Kai in the Other World after his death fighting Raditz, the Power Pole was again shown strung between Korin Tower and Kami's Lookout.[6] 041b061a72


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