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[S7E18] One Way Or Another

It definitely seems as if there are changes coming one way or another. Whether they be in a season eight or they just leave us with that impression as NCIS:LA rides off into the sunset remains to be seen. I am very hopeful we get at least one more season, though. Several more would be even better!

[S7E18] One Way or Another


Elsewhere in this episode, Stefan was reunited with his real body and Ambrose presumably perished in the body of Marty Hammond. After Stefan woke up we never got another mention of the serial killer who had been inhabiting his carcass, so we can only assume "Deputy Matt Donovan" dropped Marty's corpse on the steps of a police station on his way to reunited with Bonnie.

During the murder mystery night, Raj has hidden clues around the apartment. Penny is going to search the refrigerator for any hidden in a beer. Amy finds a little figurine carrying briefcase, but that is from the game that Sheldon invented, Chutes and Lawyers. Raj reminisces that back in India he was a heavy child and had to make up stories to entertain himself, so as an adult he is trying to do the same thing with his friends. Leonard has seen pictures of him as a child and he was not heavy. Raj then notes that he is great at telling stories. Bernadette finds a receipt for coffee dated twenty years in the future. Somebody in the room came from the future to murder Stuart which sounds just like the movie "The Terminator". As Leonard and Raj argue over the source of that movie script, Penny goes back to the refrigerator to get another clue.

Troi goes back to the control room with La Forge, Data and Lieutenant Nara. Troi notices a bulkhead that was previously open in her vision, and Nara mentions that Kwan was working there the day before he died. After La Forge removes it, he detects Human DNA. Troi gets another vision of the woman being attacked. La Forge's device reveals a skeleton. Back in sickbay, Ensign Calloway sequences the DNA sample and matches it to Starfleet records and finds Marla Finn. Troi confirms she was indeed the woman in her vision. Suspicious, she says that something doesn't match up and pulls up Lieutenant Kwan's service record. She realizes that it could not have been Kwan's eyes she was seeing through as he wasn't posted to the Enterprise until about six months after Finn's death. It must have been either of the men in the vision. She realizes that it was Lieutenant Pierce's eyes she was seeing through when she sees her reflection in the computer panel. Troi finally understands that Pierce must somehow have telepathic abilities since she could not read his emotions before and because she also sees him in the visions.

When a scared, emaciated young boy is found in the Arizona desert and another boy goes missing, the BAU begins searching for the abductor as Morgan, reaching into his own scarred past, tries to bond with the found child.

Having a kid means enduring years (decades?) of hideous presents that you must deem "fab-u-lous" instead of visibly gagging. Between this bracelet and the Target-sponsored home renovation, April has taken Luke's bland aesthetic and infused it with a heavy dose of "Live, Laugh, Love." If "AYitL" gets another season, there should be a crossover episode where she nominates him for "Queer Eye."

One downside to staying at someone's house is walking into the kitchen for a pre-bed glass of water and inciting yet another hypocritical lecture about privilege. It baffles me that Lorelai has never once considered the parallels between her and Logan. Both grew up wealthy, disappointed/embarrassed their parents, and abandoned everything in favor of building a life on their own terms.

(standing in front of a classroom of police cadets) Danny Williams: I think that trust is the bedrock of any solid relationship. You got to trust the person you're working with, right? Steve McGarrett: Yeah. Like I said... Danny Williams: I'm gonna actually keep going, if that's all right. Um, to piggyback what you were saying, trust also is not just for tactical situations, but it's also very important.. all aspects of the job. Personal relationship, trust with the people that you work with is very important. Do you, uh, you agree with that, or what? Steve McGarrett: Really? Danny Williams: Really, what? Steve McGarrett: What, what? You know what. Danny Williams: I.. I'm just making a point. Steve McGarrett: (quietly aside to Danny) Look, for the third time, I wasn't snooping, all right? It was right there on your desk. Danny Williams: My desk, that is in my office, that is my private stuff. That's snooping, that's snooping, right? (to the class) A show of hands. Steve McGarrett: No, no, no, no. Don't involve these young people. Danny Williams: Just a show of hands. Steve McGarrett: No. Danny Williams: This is a teach.. This is a teachable moment. Please. Teachable moment. Show of hands. Anybody who would have a problem, uh, trusting their partner after they snuck into your office and looked at all your stuff. Steve McGarrett: Why'd I go in your office? Danny Williams: I don't know. Steve McGarrett: I needed a pen, okay? I didn't think I needed security clearance for that. Danny Williams: No. Do you need security clearance to read my personal private information? You need security clearance for that? Steve McGarrett: I glanced at a list that you had called "The Things I Like" you'd scrawled on the back of a Zippy's receipt that's sitting there on your desk. My interest was piqued. I don't see what the big deal is. Danny Williams: Of course you don't see what the big deal is, because you're not the one who has an issue - I do. And by the way, I'd never seen this guy use a pen in seven years. (Duke is standing on the side watching them bicker in front of the class) Danny Williams: He uses crayons. Like, uh, like, uh, like a little kid. Steve McGarrett: Little kid. Danny Williams: Uh-huh. Steve McGarrett: Says the one throwing a temper tantrum. Maybe you should take a time-out. Danny Williams: I'll take a time-out if it gets me out of here, gets me away from you, (Duke moves from the wall to where Danny and Steve are standing) Duke Lukela: Okay.. Danny Williams: I'll take a time-out. Duke Lukela: okay. Danny Williams: What? Duke Lukela: (looking at the class trying to interrupt the fight between Danny and Steve) I think, uh, we can all agree that we learned a lot today. Mahalo, Commander McGarrett and Detective Williams. Steve McGarrett: Yep. (scene cut to the interior of the Camaro) Steve McGarrett: You're overreacting, a little bit. Danny Williams: Okay. You invaded my privacy. I have a right to be upset, okay? Steve McGarrett: It's not snooping if something's out in the open. That's the rule. Danny Williams: That's not a rule. Steve McGarrett: Are you serious? If it's not hidden, it's not forbidden. You never heard of that? Danny Williams: No. I never heard of it, because you just made that up. Steve McGarrett: First of all, it's ridiculous to me that you would even write a letter like that, but second of all, the fact that you're getting so worked up about it, it tells me, it informs me, that this is not just about this. It's something else deeper. I know you. It's deeper. So why don't you tell me what's going on and we can talk about it. Danny Williams: You invaded my privacy! That's it, okay?! Steve McGarrett: Don't tell me, that's fine. Danny Williams: Okay. Can we drop it, then? Steve McGarrett: Mm-hmm. (awkward silence. Steve is obviously having a hard time not saying anything else) Steve McGarrett: If it's not put away, looking's okay. It's another one. Danny Williams: Just take me home. Please, take me home. I beg of you. (scene change to Steve coming home alone. Steve walks in the door on his cellphone) Steve McGarrett: Well, of course the "plain sight" rule applies. It was right there on his desk. It was out in the open.... No - I didn't go in there to snoop, Chin. You... Listen - Chin.I'm not asking you to take my side. I'm asking you to, you know, agree that I didn't do anything wrong, is what... (Steve sees blood on a doorjam and focus shifts)

When Daring Do publishes the article about retirement Rainbow Dash insists that they should investigate. One thing led to another, and they ended up chasing Dr. Caballeron. What exactly did Daring Do do to the doctor, and how many earth ponies does it take to capture a Pegasus? 041b061a72


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