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Tacho Pro Mileage Correction Tool !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Recommend Digiprog 3 - the ultimate speedo correction and adjustment tool, available for more new Vehicles. Carprog - universal tool for car radios, odometers, dashboards, immobilizers programmer, key transponder programmer and other.

Tacho Pro Mileage Correction Tool

Features:1. The Tacho Pro software might not work on PC`s that are faster than 233 MHZ.2. Interface electronic of the Tachopro&K/L is the same, only tachoPro have the dongle inside.3. Make sure using the Tacho pro Software under PLAIN DOS only not under windows or a windows command shell4. Scantool, scanmaster, digimoto are using another interface based on ELM interpreter chips and are not compatible to this interface (Of this ELM interpreter chips exist 3 pieces with different protocols)5. For further dashboard problem, check pls. from what manufacturer your combi instrument is made, VDO(Siemens), Motometer or Magneti. The Tachopro can only work for Polo on the one made from Motometer6.Tachopro supports cars up to 1999 sometimes to 2001 (from model to model)7. It can make the full EEPROM backup of the tacho pro, only the EEPROM from the IC FAQ:Q: I want to adjust the mileage in b-mw'S e36 series from 91-99, so is it possible with this interface?A: This tool only support cars from 1999-2001 350c69d7ab


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