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In Greco-Roman epigraphs, Aethiopia was a specific toponym for ancient Nubia.[39] At least as early as c. 850,[40] the name Aethiopia also occurs in many translations of the Old Testament in allusion to Nubia. The ancient Hebrew texts identify Nubia instead as Kush.[41] However, in the New Testament, the Greek term Aithiops does occur, referring to a servant of the Kandake, the queen of Kush.[42]


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conventional long form: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopiaconventional short form: Ethiopialocal long form: Ityop'iya Federalawi Demokrasiyawi Ripebliklocal short form: Ityop'iyaformer: Abyssinia, Italian East Africaabbreviation: FDREetymology: the country name derives from the Greek word "Aethiopia," which in classical times referred to lands south of Egypt in the Upper Nile region 041b061a72


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