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Where Can I Buy An Umbrella Stand [PATCHED]

Optimal umbrella stand, or umbrella base, weights depend on the size of your umbrella. If you have a large umbrella, or if the umbrella will be used in high-traffic commercial applications, or if you will be using the umbrella in a high-wind area, we say the heavier the umbrella stand the better. The general rule is, the larger the umbrella, the heavier your stand needs to be. A good way to determine the minimum weight for your umbrella stand is to multiply the width of your umbrella canopy by 10.

where can i buy an umbrella stand


Umbrella stands come in a variety of "neck" or "sleeve" diameters. When selecting an appropriate umbrella stand, you will need to know the exact diameter of your umbrella's center pole. Umbrella stand neck or sleeve diameters slightly larger than the diameter of the umbrella pole are capable of supporting smaller umbrella poles. Umbrella Source offers several umbrella stands to choose from to fit your umbrella pole perfectly.

Depending on the application or the size of your umbrella, a mounted umbrella stand may be a more suitable option. Mounted umbrella stands provide heavy-duty support and stability for your umbrella, no matter the canopy size. Umbrella stands can be mounted two ways: in-ground or surface mount.

Surface mount stands are ideal for securing large umbrellas, as well as umbrellas in substantial wind or high traffic areas. Surface mount umbrella stands are semi-permanent, making them a great option for heavy-duty support with optional removal. Surface mount stands feature pre-drilled holes that allow for easy setup on wooden decks or concrete slabs. For deck mounts, these stands are bolted through the wood and are typically secured by a base plate underneath the deck surface. In concrete slab applications, the stand is bolted directly into the concrete.

The in-ground mount umbrella stand offers a permanent solution for securing your umbrella. In-ground stands provide a stable base for any application that may require heavy-duty support. These umbrella stands require a concrete footing installation to anchor the stand in place.

Depending on the umbrella stand selected, additional weight may be required. Some of our umbrella stands are empty shells that need to be filled with concrete, gravel, or sand. While pre-filled umbrella stands are convenient options, they cost more in shipping due to their heavy weight. Umbrella stand shells are lightweight, thus providing a less expensive alternative. Filling an umbrella stand shell is relatively easy. Check out our How to Fill a Base with Concrete guide for more information on filling your stand.

\nLisa Joyner is the Senior Digital Writer at House Beautiful UK and Country Living UK, where she's busy writing about home and interiors, gardening, dog breeds, pets, health and wellbeing, countryside news, small space inspiration, and the hottest properties on the market.

Rain or shine, Glaro umbrella stands and umbrella holders are the perfect solution. These attractive and functional rustproof all aluminum indoor umbrella stands and umbrella holders will neatly store umbrellas on dry and wet days.

Create a welcoming space in your entryway or foyer with this woven basket-inspired umbrella stand. Hand-woven of rattan in a rustic finish, this umbrella stand strikes a clean. The open mouth accommodates you and your guest's umbrellas, while two cut-out handles make carrying the stand a breeze. Rounding out the design, the inner bottom of the basket features a water-resistant catch to collect raindrops from weather-stricken parasols.

More than just a spot to set your rainy-day essentials, this umbrella stand lends artful appeal to your entryway or mudroom. It showcases an openwork block design that's sure to draw the eye as it enhances your existing ensemble. Its clean-lined frame sports a versatile solid hue that pairs well with existing color schemes. Plus, it resists water damage.

Keep your space tidy and neat with the help of these storage baskets. Maintain a tidy home with a welcoming look with the help of these chic storage baskets. Black metal umbrella rack best display in your entryway, preferably beside your door for convenient display and use as you jet out the door. This item ships in 1 carton. Metal umbrella stand makes a great gift for any occasion. Suitable for indoor use only. This is a single umbrella stand. Traditional style.

Beautifully handcrafted with ornate hand-painted detailing, this rustic wooden umbrella stand is the perfect choice for those who value function and form. This rustic umbrella stand will make a wonderful addition to your entryway.

This rack has been designed to perfectly hold and organize a variety of styles of umbrellas. Short folding umbrellas have a place on this rack, along with long and full-size umbrellas. Its freestanding structure makes it the perfect entryway companion, offering you an umbrella as you head out into the weather from the safety of your home. Keep your umbrellas safe and secure in one place with this durable metal stand-alone umbrella rack.

Artisanally crafted for a bold, fun look, this two-piece set of umbrella stands makes an amazing fit for your mudroom, foyer, or entryway. Handcrafted from lightweight yet sturdy metal frames, each stand depicts a gorgeous molded umbrella design with subtle engraved details around it. The antique brown, black, and white tone finish brings a tasteful splash of color to your interior decor. Featuring wide round openings to easily accommodate multiple umbrellas at once, the cutout handles offer portability during cleaning or redecorating.

Rainy days got you down? Not for long! Certain to catch the eye, this umbrella stand adds a dash of whimsy to your entryway as it saves your floor from drips! Crafted from metal, this freestanding design showcases a cutout geometric motif that lends a hint of visual intrigue to this otherwise understated design.

Worry about how to organize and store your coats, hat, and umbrella, etc when you get home? This coat and hat rack with an umbrella holder is your best choice! It is good-quality with a 3 in 1 design. You can put this coat holder in your home or office to make your stuff organized and clean

The Umbrella Stand for Magis allows long and short umbrellas to be easily popped in and stowed when dashing in from the rain. Its compact size and triangular shape make for easy placement in an entryway or hallway. Available in orange, white, and black.

Though it's tempting to buy one based on looks alone, remember that "as a functional piece, the most important feature in a patio umbrella is the coverage," said Melissa Lee, the founder and creative director of design firm Bespoke Only. We took this and other expert input into consideration when researching our picks for this guide.

In addition to umbrella canopy size, consider the fabric, which needs to stand up to rain, sun, and wind. Sunbrella, a durable performance fabric that's resistant to fading, stains, and mildew, is a favorite among landscape designers.

There are two main types of umbrellas: a traditional "market" umbrella, which is usually placed in the middle of a table, and a cantilever umbrella, which is freestanding and brings in the canopy from an angle. You can learn more about the pros and cons of each, as well as other things to keep in mind when shopping for a patio umbrella, here.

A traditional "market" umbrella is the classic style that works best for most people. It's affordable; easy to use; and widely available in many sizes, fabrics, and colors. Because it's placed right in the middle of a table, it requires less backyard space and is less likely to get in the way of foot traffic.

If you have a larger backyard and don't like how traditional umbrellas disrupt table space, you should get a cantilever umbrella. Keep in mind cantilever umbrellas tend to be heavier and more expensive, but there's great payoff in the large amount of shade provided.

Lighted patio umbrellas offer extra pizzazz and visibility when you're sitting outside on a warm summer night. The best part is they're solar-powered, so you don't have to deal with tangled cords.

A weighted umbrella stand or base ensures your patio umbrella won't shake or blow away with the slightest gust of wind. "A good rule of thumb is to take the width of your umbrella and multiply it by 10," said Kevin Lenhart, a landscape architect and design director for online landscape design service Yardzen. For an 8-foot-wide umbrella, for example, you'll need a base that's at least 80 pounds. Pre-filled stands are more expensive than empty stands, which require you to add sand or gravel.

We determined the best patio umbrellas through a combination of research and expert input. We spoke with Kevin Lenhart, a landscape architect and design director for online landscape design service Yardzen; Melissa Lee, the founder and creative director of design firm Bespoke Only; Danu Kennedy, design director of creative design firm Parts and Labor Design; and Blythe Yost, a landscape architect and cofounder of online landscape design service Tilly.

A great outdoor accessory, an umbrella base works well to support your umbrella while you cool down and stay protected. Walk into your local Target store or order online and choose among a wide variety of sturdy and heavy-duty umbrella bases. Whether it is for your patio, garden, or your trip to the beach, these bases will become an essential part of your outdoor kit. Each umbrella base has a different design and is freestanding. Made of plastic, resin, steel, or cast-iron with a bronze finish, these umbrella bases are sturdy and long-lasting. The variety of bases at Target will meet all your umbrella needs and keep you well protected at the same time. Ensure that the patio umbrellas stay firmly in place with the umbrella base, and keep it water-filled or sand-filled for weight to keep it firmly on the ground. It will keep your umbrella in place even on really windy days. You can put them in place and forget about them. Browse through a large collection of umbrella bases and find the perfect pick. 041b061a72


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