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Subtitle Lover Come Back 1961 720p BluRay X264 ...

"L'année dernière à Marienbad" is a French/Italian French-language movie from 1961, so this one will soon have its 60th anniversary. The director is Alain Resnais and he is most likely more known today than his French writer Alain Robbe-Grillet, even if it was the latter who managed to score the film's only Oscar nomination. Certainly not too common, probably now even less than back then, that European artsy films get in there, but that year it happened quite a few times as the category was won by an Italian movie and not just this French film here was nominated, but also one by Ingmar Bergman. Actually that was at the 1963 Oscars, so really quite a while passed since the release. But in this time, the Marienbad film we have here managed to attract more awards attention at other ceremonies, prestigious ones indeed. The biggest win would probably be the Golden Lion in Venice. But now lets take a look at the film itself. It is slightly longer than half an hour and it is in black-and-white, which is not completely common anymore for the early 1960s. Generally I love black-and-white films quite a bit, also modern ones, but here, I was not too impressed. It did feel pretentious at times and dragged endlessly in other sequences. There is really very little story in here for over 90 minutes and the film feels so confusing at times that you never know when we are in the now and when we are in the past. Also the character development could have been better in my opinion. Instead near the end they included a fateful gunshot, which was revoked immediately though because perhaps the majers realized it did not really fit in with the tone and style of the film otherwise. It's a very tiny cast. There's basically only two key characters in here with a third one being the only mentionable supporting player. The fact that I was not impressed by these two at all also did not help matters for me. I mean Seyrig was absolutely stunning for sure and that also made her performance somewhat more interesting without a doubt, but Albertazzi did very little for me. But Sacha Pitoëff was definitely a scene stealer in here without a doubt. Yes he may have had the same face expression from start to finish, but he felt like a French Buster Keaton and every time he was on screen, the film did get more and more interesting, also when we find out he is the husband eventually. But this revelation could not correct everything before that that I found so mediocre and forgettable. Still those little games with cards and sticks were fun to watch and these also led to one of my more precise observations story-wise and in terms of character transformation, namely that Albertazzi's character did not mind when he finally lost. It was alsways a bit of a power game and near the end we find out it is not about winning for him, but about being gracious in defeta and not showing any signs of anger. So if there was anything that worked here for me, then it was these minor moments of creativity. The general plot idea about a man who (thinks he) recognized a desirable woman from meeting her the year before was solid in theory, but just not good enough to be carried through as long as it was here. What else can I add here overall. I was definitely not the only one who was not impressed by this movie, but rather bored in the audience when I watched it. Some felt relieved when it ended. I mean I won't deny the makers here had huge plans with this movie, but the execution does not match the creativity in their minds at all. Also I did feel most of the visual creativity was forced in here and did not feel as mind-blowing as it could have been. Maybe there the lack of color actually was a problem. The soundtrack was rather loud, at time seven obnoxious, and a bit more subtlety would have helped in that department too. I thought the big screen impact would have been bigger, but eventually I don't think it was a better watch than it would have been when it is seen on a television or laptop screen. So as a whole, my suggestion here is to skip this movie. I am one that really enjoys the hell out of some French arthouse movies. This one here I did not. Thus I give it a thumbs-down. Watch something else instead. Or if you really want to go for it, make sure you have a good set of subtitles, even if you are fluent in French (unless you are perfect) because the dialogues are very challenging.

subtitle Lover Come Back 1961 720p BluRay x264 ...

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