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The Nikon D7000 is built around a Nikon DX-format CMOS sensor (24.2 x15.6mm).Like many of its Nikon DX-format predecessors, the 35mm-format equivalent of the DR II would be roughly 27 mm x 17mm. The DX-format sensor has fewer transistors than the 24.3 x 16.8 of the DR II. This means the DX-format Nikon D7000 needs less power and isn't as sensitive as the DR II, but has the greater resolution of the two sensors. The DX-format sensor has a pixel count of 9.03 million, compared to 7.26 million for the DR II. Fuji claims the DX-format sensor is faster, larger, and has superior low-light performance. But neither Nikon nor Fuji has released a second low-light test to evidence this claim. In direct competition with the Nikon D7000, the Canon 60D has a 16.2-megapixel AA-DIGIC II CMOS sensor.

The camera has a 3.0″ touchscreen LCD which is much better than the D90's 1.5″ screen (1280 x 960 pixels), and approximately 11 times the resolution of theD90's LCD (760 x 480 pixels). The display is 3.0 inches, making it approximatelythe same size as the rear LCD of high-end Sony and Olympus models. True, most10.1-inch tablets have a higher resolution than the 3.0 inch screen of the D90, but the D90's LCD ismatte surface that lets you attach a printer to the camera, whereaslaptops on the market today are mostly glass or plastic, and are therefore structurally less resistant to slip or falls. d2c66b5586


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