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Pokemon: Black __EXCLUSIVE__

While Shiny Pokémon come in many different colours, Albino Pokémon generally feature palettes that are a lot closer to white, similar to albinism in real life. Similarly, Melanistic Pokémon are much darker and closer to black or dark brown.

Pokemon: Black

On the far left of the Pokemon Center is a small flower garden. Hidden in some greent in the northeast corner here is a Balm Mushroom, an item with no purpose yet. If you try to take the northern exit, a man will block you from Route 3 until you get Striaton City's Badge; instead, go south to find another Great Ball on the ground, and then enter the building just left of the Pokemon Center. This is the Unova Region's Trainer School, where new players can research some of the basics of Pokemon battles, including status conditions. Talk to the brown-haired boy inside and answer his quiz about items that heal status conditions to receive a free Full Heal. More importantly, Cheren will be standing near the blackboard at the top of the screen; talk to him to begin your second battle against him. 041b061a72


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