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Igor Sibaldi Libro Degli Angeli Pdf 39

In the case of the Denisovans, a distinct human species that isolder than the Neanderthals and who lived far earlier than we do,scientists are little closer to determining their exact evolutionarypath than those were after the sudden appearance of humans onEarth some 50,000 years ago. Based on data from Spain, scientists have found about 1,000 fossils, including skulls, teeth and jaws, mostly in theAtapuerca Mountains in southern Spain dated to more than 30,000 years old.

But because of those finds it has gone out of fashion to liken Neanderthals to sock puppets, or to emphasize that they were sliced off at the knees. With only a few exceptions, they were almost completely unaware of the children in their proximity. Attention was not focused on them.

In every culture thousands of years old, however, laughing,giggling children have been observed running about without anyperceivable thought of danger. The parents don’t seem to worryabout them. They just don’t notice them.

Sometime in the last decade the possibility of something like thathappened to homo sapiens in Europe, when Europeans were migratingprehistorically across what is now northern Spain, has, surprisingly,become more politically correct than it was, say, in the 1990s, awhen the European Union restricted genetic research.

One of those was Henrik Kristensson, who teaches anatomy at theGothenburg University in Sweden. He and his colleague CharlesMatthiessen set out for Andalucia, S.w.a, and took DNA sequencesfrom the DNA of three skulls.

They found that one came from a hunter-gatherer, the other two fromhunter-gatherer-farmers who had not yet assimilated farming. Whatis interesting, they say in the December Science, is that all threehad the Y chromosome of farmers. d2c66b5586


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