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Coach Purse Serial Number Authenticity

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Coach Purse Serial Number Authenticity

There are a few items in which Coach does not put numbers, usually very small ones. So, if you have a small wallet, card case or very small purse with no number in it, do not worry. Just because it doesn't have a style number in it, it doesn't mean that it does not have a style number at all. If you know the style name of the item, you can often find out whether it is supposed to have a number inside or not, by doing a quick google search. If your item still has its original price tag on it, you can sometimes find the style number of the item on that.

As opposed to a serial number, the Coach style number actually gives you a lot of information about the bag in which you found it. It contains information about the month, year and place the bag was manufactured and then of course, the style of the bag.

These numbers in front of the dash are specific to the individual bag, not the style in general, so this part is actually more similar to something like an actual serial number. Of course, the same letter and numbers will be added to all the other individual bags manufactured in that location and at that time, so still not quite a real serial number.

The last example I will bring up is not actually a style or serial number but something that is often confused with a style number. In early versions of the Rogue, Dinky and Saddle bag from the 1941 collection (and a few other models), you might find a number on the creed patch that looks like a serial or style number but is not. They look like this:

Please note that while looking at the information in the style number and doing these searches can be a very valuable part of the authentication process, it cannot make up the entire process. If you want to make sure your bag is authentic, you need to look at several different factors and not focus solely on a serial or style number. And of course, should you have a bag with the "00000" number, it is even more important to look at other factors for authenticity.

The Duffle Sac is hands down one of my most essential bags. I call it my Mary Poppins bag because I swear I could fit a whole horse in one of these things. The Duffle Sac is one of the earliest styles that Coach started making, dating back to the late 1960s. They were in production all the way until the early 2000s, and much like the Willis, there were some remakes of this style in Coach's 2012 Archive collection. The one in the image with the seam down the middle is from the late 60s or early 70s. It was made before Coach used their signature creed and serial numbers, so it only has a tiny "Coach" stamp in it that helps me date it. These are known as "pre-creed" bags. Coach bags like this were made in their factory in New York City up until around 1980, when they expanded their factories to elsewhere in the U.S.

In the 1970s, Coach serial numbers were 7 numbers in the format XXX-XXXX. The numbers didn't mean anything, but the bags did come with mail-in papers that you could write your bag's serial number on and mail in to register the bag.

From around 1980-1994, the serial number still consisted entirely of numbers, but was now in the format XXXX-XXX. It is more difficult to pinpoint the exact date of bags with this kind of serial number since it spans a wider time period.

From 1994 onward through the 2000s, Coach serial numbers became more structured and meaningful. They now consisted of both numbers and letters in the format YXY-XXXX. The first 3 characters provide information about the bag's manufacturing. The first letter indicates the month during which the bag was made. Coach used letters A through M (excluding letter I) to represent the months (so a bag with letter A was made in January, letter B was February, letter C was March, and so on). The second character was a number that indicated the year of manufacture. The number corresponds with the last number in the year, so a bag made in 1998 for example would have an 8 as its


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