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the term refers not only to the transfer of information to a wide audience. communication takes place as we try to persuade others to behave in a certain way or share our point of view. we use certain sentences, words or phrases to express our beliefs. we try to get what we want. we want to show our capability and satisfy our desires. we want to influence others or we want to be influenced. these are fundamental concepts for all human beings, whether they are seafarers or not. if the communication is well-constructed, then the intention will be clear. if there is any deviation in this, then things can get complicated.

the communication that occurs aboard vessels can be divided into two main types: verbal and non-verbal. verbal communication takes the form of formal or informal spoken communication such as greetings and goodbyes, descriptions of the time and location of meetings and instructions.

co-ordination is one of the most important aspects of successful communication. the ability to work effectively in a group or a team depends on the ability to understand and manage the differences in the people that make up that group or team.

when communicating in a team, individuals need to understand themselves and the manner in which they communicate. one of the most common mistakes that people make is to assume that others behave in the same manner as themselves. this is not always the case. the behavior of others may be quite different. therefore, it is important to understand the culture or working style of the people that make up the group or team. 3d9ccd7d82


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