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Where Can I Buy Halo Top

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Where Can I Buy Halo Top

Some have dreamt of living in a world where ice cream is healthy. I'm glad to say that we have now accomplished that. Halo Top creamery makes a healthy ice cream that uses stevia (a natural sweetener) rather than sugar.

The ice cream brand was founded around 2011 by former attorney Justin Woolverton of Latham & Watkins LLP.[5] Woolverton had begun making ice cream in his own kitchen with the goal of reducing his consumption of carbohydrates and refined sugars.[5] In the early stages of Halo Top, Woolverton continuously experimented, tweaking and improving the ingredients for over a year. In order to create a long-lasting formula that could sustain shipment through the supply chain, Woolverton went to California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Dairy Innovation Institute, where he was able to refine and polish the formula with a contract manufacture.[5] The company describes its product as the first ever "lifestyle" ice cream that can be eaten daily without overwhelming a typical caloric intake diet,[6] but nutritionists have expressed that "'just because it's a slightly better choice does not mean that it is a good choice.'"[7]

"So, with a better billboard and a better product, things slowly started to pick up," he says. It was in 2016 that Halo Top started to reach the masses and people started talking about it. "We had this really fun GQ article come out where the guy ate nothing but Halo Top for 10 days. From there it seemed to take on a life of its own. It grew quickly, and it very much shocked us."

I was distributing myself, going around with an ice cooler to stores. You get to a point where obviously you can't keep doing that; it's tiring. In SoCal there are a certain number of medium-sized chains that are just small enough where they'll take a chance on a small company like us, which is just big enough to have weight with a distributor.

Most importantly, frozen is limited real estate in stores. When people are buying the stuff and clearing out shelves in like a day or two, they've never seen this in their life with ice cream. They weren't ready for this type of movement. There was this very difficult adjustment period where everybody along the chain had to get used to the growth.

Funny, I didn't realize that the price of halo top was such a sticking point. Interesting!@Rabbit: oh yeah, Junk Banter posted those! I was curious what was in those pints but they didn't post their nutrition and ingredients online so I could compare -

@Dubba this family reviewed them and showed full nutrition panels: =0npUyacVDeY didn't even see it on junkbanter. Unfortunately the family can't compare to enlightened as they are not available near them.regarding pricing, here in NYC, ALL ice cream pints run for $5-6, i've seen halo top/enlightened for $8 and people buy it by the case anyway! also, this thing called Wink is big here but i don't put it in the same field, it's like ices in pint form, less ice cream -esque than arctic zero and more like a frozen Ensure(minus the nutrients).

This one has nice chunks of soft dark cherries to give you something to chew on at least. They offer a natural sweetness and a slight tartness, but some mini chocolate chips would have gone a long way here. Without them, this is a little too similar to the acai bowl you had for breakfast AND lunch. You know, the one where you added a bunch of fruit just to hide the kale and spinach you blended in there.

That's without traditional media spending. "You can make $100 goa lot further through, say, a Facebook ad where you can targetdemographically, psychographically, geographically, et cetera, thanby taking out ad space in a newspaper," Mr. Woolverton said. "Ifyou can focus on people who actually want to see your ads, everyoneis happier."

Halo Top's Twitter feed, with nearly 20,000 followers, ispeppered with pop culture references, emojis and free-productgiveaways. So is its Facebook page, where more than 400,000 likethe


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