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Famous for its mooncakes, this Hong Kong-founded chain is a prime destination for those wanting to stock up on the traditional treats. Beyond seasonal treats, Kee Wah Bakery offers a hefty retail selection, and also makes their own mooncakes year-round. During the Mid-Autumn Festival season, however, the bakery also offers limited-run mooncake merch: tote bags, mini lanterns, gift sets and other goods to make the season last all year long, in addition to selections made with low sugar, mixed nuts, ham and beyond. Local fans will find the goods come in mini or regular sizes, each cake pressed into an intricate mold, with option to buy individual mooncakes or packs of four. Though they're a bit pricier than others in town, it's hard to argue with world-class quality.

where can i buy mooncakes near me

This small family-owned bakery in Chinatown offers both Cantonese-style wheat-pastry mooncakes and snow skin mooncakes with a mochi-like texture through mid-September. Ranging from approximately $24 (snow skin) to $50 (Cantonese-style) for each pack of four, both types of mooncakes can be made with combination mixed nut and lap cheong, or Chinese sausage, as well as lotus seed and mung bean. Only the Cantonese-style mooncakes come in red bean and taro, however.

3. Panda Supermarket5816-5818 Forbes Ave., Squirrel Hill. Mooncakes always make for great gifts if you are getting together with friends and family during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Panda Supermarket is a great place to shop for imported snacks and Asian treats, and they recently restocked a large collection of different mooncakes in beautiful tins.

4. Lotus Food Company1649 Penn Ave., Strip District. While lots of people will debate which Asian grocery in the Strip District is best, my favorite is Lotus Food Company. This cute little grocery has a collection of cooking ingredients, produce, and fresh tofu. Stop by while they still have mooncakes in stock, but if they run out, no worries! WFH Orient Market is only five blocks away!

5. Oriental Market7300 Old McKnight Road, Ross Township This Asian grocery is a staple for those living in the North Hills. You are sure to find a large collection of mooncakes in decorated tins as well as any other Asian food item or produce you may need.

"Sheng Kee Bakery strives to create meaningful, multigenerational, memories with our community while carrying on an Asian baking legacy by linking together traditional and nostalgic flavors with modern techniques to bring you a piece of home wherever you go."

It is possible, however, to make your own mooncakes, say Meifung Liu and Kyong Han, caterers and co-creators of the blog Two Plaid Aprons. The two, who met while training at the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State University, worked in restaurants for several years before deciding to focus on their catering business and blog in early 2020.

The widespread Cantonese style, like the ones commonly seen in stores, hold sweeter fillings, but mooncakes from other regions of China are filled with savory ingredients. Some modern mooncakes are even filled with ice cream and resemble mochi, Liu says.

KimikaKimika, the Japanese-Italian restaurant in Nolita, is offering an exclusive, limited selection of mooncakes from pastry chef Clarice Lam from September 21 through 26, available for in-house dining and takeout. The mooncakes are available at their sister restaurant in Long Island City, Lotus + Cleaver, too. Flavors are Snow Skin with coconut mochi butter cake, peanuts, and crispy chicken skin; Traditional baked mooncake with fig and marzipan; and Snow Skin with mascarpone cream and strawberry. Orders for pickup can be placed by emailing [email protected]

Kiki BakeryLikeAdd to a ListThis Taiwanese bakery is selling intricate handmade mooncakes with fillings like pineapple, lotus seed paste, red bean paste, Earl Grey milk tea, and dates and walnuts all month long.Bitter LakePickup, deliveryLady MLikeAdd to a ListIf you want to impress and/or delight someone this Mid-Autumn Festival, this dessert company known primarily for its layered crêpe cakes is currently offering a "Glowing Lights" mooncake gift set via the online ordering platform Chowbus, complete with two of each flavor (coffee caramel, Earl Grey, and purple yam custard) made in collaboration with the Taiwanese chain Kee Wah Bakery. The whole set comes packaged in an eye-catching spinning lantern that glows to reveal a hidden moonlit scene.BellevuePickup, deliveryLam's Seafood MarketLittle Saigon's trusty Asian seafood market has stacks upon stacks of colorful boxed mooncakes in stock.Chinatown-International District, TukwilaPickup, deliveryLionheadLikeAdd to a ListChef Garrett Doherty will prepare a special feast for the weekend of Mid-Autumn Festival (September 10-11) at this Sichuan restaurant on Capitol Hill. Reservations are recommended.Capitol HillDine-inMee Sum PastryThis longtime staple bakes its mooncakes all year round, with fillings like red bean, lotus, and winter melon.Pike Place Market, University DistrictPickupOh Bear Cafe & TeahouseLikeAdd to a ListThe Taiwanese cafe slings trendy snow skin mooncakes in three different flavors, including Oreo cream cheese, matcha red bean, and chocolate, available for pre-order via Instagram DM.University DistrictPickup, delivery, dine-inRegent BakeryThis Chinese bakery with three locations in the Seattle area sets itself apart from the rest of the mooncake crowd with its golden yolk custard mooncakes, which feature a delicate flaky crust and a moist egg yolk custard filling. Other options include white lotus seed, red bean, and dates.Capitol Hill, Factoria, RedmondPickup, delivery, dine-inT55 PâtisserieLikeAdd to a ListYou'll find mooncakes in a variety of flavors at this newly opened Bothell bakery spinoff from the team behind Süsu Dessert CafeLikeAdd to a List, including honey grapefruit, white coffee, gula Melaka, chendol, cranberry, yuzu sesame, green tea, milk tea, pu'er tea, red bean orange, and lotus with egg yolk. Süsu's lines for mooncakes have stretched around the block in the past, so be sure to show up early if you have your heart set on snagging some.Chinatown-International DistrictPickup

U-Lin Asian BistroLikeAdd to a ListThis Lynnwood spot is selling mooncakes with lotus paste, winter melon paste, and red bean paste.LynnwoodPickup, delivery, dine-in

UwajimayaOf course, the iconic Asian supermarket carries a wide selection of mooncakes, including traditional Cantonese-style mooncakes, snow skin mooncakes, Taiwanese-style flaky mooncakes (which have a flaky outer skin and are often decorated with sesame seeds or a red dot), and lava mooncakes (which have a buttery crust and contain custard with a molten egg yolk center).Chinatown-International District, Bellevue, RentonPickup, delivery

Mid-Autumn Festival at Lucky Envelope BrewingLikeAdd to a ListBallard's culturally inspired craft brewery Lucky Envelope Brewing always goes all out for Mid-Autumn Festival, and this year is no exception. They'll host a celebration with new beer releases, new merch (including Lucky Envelope steel chopsticks), baked mooncakes, and giveaways of red envelopes for good luck (a Chinese tradition that inspired the business's name). The food truck Panda Dim Sum will also make an appearance. Mooncakes are available for pre-order, and any that are left over will be available for sale at the event.Lucky Envelope Brewing, 12-10 pm

Expect to pay between $10 and $30 for four mooncakes in a decorative tin. Price generally increases with the quality of ingredients and the number of salted egg yolks included in each mooncake (0, 1, 2 or 3). However, price is only one indicator, especially with imports. A definite advantage of buying local, in this case, is the ability to taste test a single mooncake before committing to a larger purchase.

In Honolulu, Hong Kong and Cantonese-style mooncakes are the most common: They traditionally feature a tender pastry crust wrapped around fillings like lotus seed paste, red beans (azuki), coconut paste, winter melon, ham and nuts. All can be had with or without salted duck egg yolks, another symbol of the moon, and one that has the mooncake-eating world divided. Being a lover of egg yolk, I encourage you to give it a try.

The Chinatown dim sum parlor sells gift boxes of 4 mooncakes: lotus seed with double egg yolk for $32, lotus seed with single egg yolk for $30, pine nuts with lotus seed or red bean or dates for $28, red bean paste with single egg yolk for $30 and double egg yolk for $38. Or you can mix and match.

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which typically lands between August and October when the moon is at its biggest and brightest. In China, it's a time for families to unite and give thanks for the harvest. Celebrations include gathering over large meals, the lighting of paper lanterns, and the sharing of mooncakes.

De Viet Kitchen: At this Vietnamese bakery in a Southwest Houston retail strip, mooncakes are offered in richly colored hues and flavors like durian coconut, mung bean and coffee. Get an individual mooncake or splurge on a variety pack. 041b061a72


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