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We first downloaded the PubMed open access collection (1) and created a database with all articles with a known identifier and which contained at least one reference (2; N = 1, 969, 175). Next we identified and disambiguated authors of these papers (3; S = 4, 253, 172) and calculated citations for each author and each publication from within the collection (4). We used these citation counts to calculate a within-collection H-index for each author. Our analysis only focuses on PLOS and BMC publications as these publishers introduced mandated DAS, so we filtered the database for these articles and extracted DAS from each publication (5). We annotated a training dataset by labelling each of these statements into one of four categories (6) and used those labels to train a natural language processing classifier (7). Using this classifier we then categorised the remaining DAS in the database (8). Finally, we exported this categorised dataset of M = 531, 889 publications to a csv file (9) and archived it (see Data and code availability section below). 59ce067264


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