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[S6E9] Es Good WORK

This Frank Prady guy is growing on me. There's a teeny tiny part of me that thinks he may be out for blood, and not as good of a guy as he lets on, but the rest of me thinks he is a good guy, trying to win a good race.

[S6E9] Es Good

What she found were incriminating photos of Peter and Ramona. It led to one of my favorite interactions (and there have been some really good ones) between Alicia and Peter where she demanded he zip up his pants and shut up. Boom. Alicia's been to this rodeo once before and she won't be anywhere near Peter if it hits the press.

As the feds brought the wire tap to Cary, we saw Lana and Cary face each other for the first time since Cary and Kalinda "broke up." Lana's definitely in this case more than I initially thought, and things are not looking good for Lana now that the wire tap has been leaked.

Other moments worked in tonight's episode as well. Seeing the creepy Wolf with the bad teeth have just a flicker, just the tiniest glimmer of goodness when he saves Denise, almost validates Morgan's philosophy, and certainly calls into question Carol's ruthlessness. The matter is hardly resolved, but I like that it sounded out here on such an ambiguous note.

Rosita was also great, talking sense right and left and being generally tough and smart. Why isn't Rosita a bigger part of the show? She could be the female Daryl, basically. She's always held it together, is always good in a pinch, and never gets any lines.

I was less pleased with Glenn, who carelessly (even more carelessly than Rick) attempts to save Maggie by backing himself into a corner. I'm sure Maggie will be so pleased with you Glenn, if you finally return from the dead just to get eaten by zombies. Surely he could have come up with a better way to distract them without tossing his life away? Thank goodness Abraham, Sasha and Daryl showed up, though how their spray of bullets only mowed down Walkers and not Glenn himself still eludes me.

After attending a Barry Manilow concert, Peter realizes that he lost his wallet there. However, he soon discovers that someone has found it, and is using his credit card to buy expensive goods. Peter and Brian track down the culprit to the House of Chung Chinese restaurant and discover him to be none other than James Woods, whom Peter had previously locked away in a Government Warehouse, trapped in a crate without air holes. Naturally, James is bitter towards Peter and, having stolen his wallet, now steals his identity as well. Peter and Brian return home to find James there as well, having claimed ownership of his house and possessions, and even the clothes Peter is wearing. James calls Joe over to remove Peter from the house. The Griffins are outraged by this, but Joe has no other choice but to accede to his request now that James has his identity; he even refers to James as "Peter". 041b061a72


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