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Gundam Seed Remastered 1080p Video

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following the events of the mobile suit gundam uc, the war between the earth and the universal century continues. this time, however, the naturals (earthlings with no special traits) and the coordinators (enhanced humans with a variety of enhancements and superpowers) fight each other. this leads to a conflict between the two nations.

first, the naturals launch a campaign of terrorism, bombing major towns and cities. the war escalates into a full scale conflict. kira yamato, a teenage coordinator, is recruited to pilot a mobile suit that can be used to bomb the enemy. however, due to kira's unstable feelings towards his father, the gundam is destroyed and kira is severely injured. now, kira must learn how to control his powers in order to save the people who have brought him into the fight, and he must do so before they are all killed.

the series was intended to be the 21st century gundam [8] updated for a new generation of fans, with other elements from previous series added into the mix. the similarities between the original mobile suit gundam and this series are by far the most numerous. to fit the tastes of 21st century viewers, themes based on the elements surrounding present day situations were incorporated namely the 9/11 attacks, fukuda speaks of an unbroken cycle of hatred since christ's death with justice on both sides (muslim and non-muslim). [9] the series primarily focused on the interpersonal relationships between the characters, [9] [10] resulting in many layered romantic friendships. the series is guided by the traumatic friendship between pilots kira yamato and athrun zala. 3d9ccd7d82


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